New Beginnings


 “New Beginnings”
    Christopher Agostino        Ellen Yung O'Dwyer       
    Farhana Akhter               Maryann Sussoni
    C Bangs                        Carol Colby Tanenbaum       
    Todd Monaghan               Margo Vallone
June 15th – July 10th, 2010

Opening Reception:  Saturday, June 19th, 2010, 3-6pm 

Global Fusion Art Space
647 Franklin Avenue
Garden City, New York 11530

Gallery Hours: Mon – Sat 12 to 5pm

Every new beginning signifies the end of another beginning. Global Fusion Art is pleased to present a group exhibition sharing each artist’s interpretation of metamorphosis and re-emergence. The artworks in this exhibition reflect observations and inspirations of new beginnings as it relates to the physical, metaphysical and spiritual level.

Global Fusion Art is a nonprofit organization, consisting of multicultural artists and communities committed to support cross-cultural understanding through visual arts, music, performance and multi-media.  We seek to raise awareness of the global community and promote individuals and organizations that provide humanitarian services across the world.  For this exhibition, artists have pledged 15% of sale price of artwork will be donated to the Nature Conservancy Gulf Coast Restoration Fund for clean up efforts after the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. www.globalfusionart.com

Christopher Agostino explores the link between the development of modern art in response to the exposure of artists such as Picasso and Matisse to the tribal art of African and other cultures by bringing the images and concepts of modern artists back onto the body within the context of traditional bodyart designs. Bodyart is a fundamental human art in all cultures, and as such it is the initiating source of many visual art concepts. Images from his current visual art project series will be presented. www.agostinoarts.com

Farhana Akhter explores the transformative journey from chaos to harmony and grace.  To capture the transitioning stages of motion, fusion and stillness evident in all aspect of life, her mixed media paintings incorporate found objects that are symbolic of the transformative process by combining materials with organic and inorganic elements. www.farhanaakhter.com   

C Bangs investigates frontier science combined with symbolist figuration and quantum equations as design elements, which refer to the interconnectivity of everything and the relationship of time and space.  Archetypes of the Earth and cosmological elements are depicted from an ecological feminist perspective.

Todd Monaghan is a Painter, collagist, filmmaker specializing in what Tony Solomon of the Andy Warhol foundation described as "spiritual surrealism".  Mr. Monaghan has shown in various galleries in New York City and is part of academic, corporate and private collections both in the United States and abroad.

Ellen Yung O'Dwyer is an artist who resides in a charming horse town in New Jersey where she enjoys caring for her own horses, taking in the area's pastoral scenes and ambiance that have collectively, have become her strongest artistic inspiration. Raised and influenced by an Asian-American family of artists, Ellen has studied drawing and Oriental brush painting with her mother Chung Soon Fwhang O'Dwyer, calligraphy with Marion Andrews and Joseph DiMare at the Salmagundi Club in New York City and with watercolors with Lorraine Niemela in New Jersey. scientiamkt@aol.com

Maryann Sussoni Born and raised in the South Bronx to a Puerto Rican mother and Peruvian father, she is a prolific artist who is never at a loss for new ideas.  She is a painter, photographer and musician. The use of powerful brushstrokes with a Zen like sensibility can be seen in her abstract paintings. http://www.globalfusionart.com/id24.html
Carol Colby Tanenbaum believes photography offers the viewer the opportunity to see through the eyes of another.  By taking subjects out of context, and by changing their color and/or perspective, Carol hopes to bring the viewer’s eye to the sensuality and complexity of objects usually rejected as forms of decay and degradation. www.colbytanenbaum.com

Margo Vallone was born into a family of traditional Korean artists who share a passion for creativity, expression and respect for their Asian heritage. In addition to her Korean descent she is also Chinese and Irish. Margo's most valuable learning experiences stemmed from drawing alongside her mother, Chung Soon Fwhang-O'Dwyer. As it was these special memorable childhood moments that created an artistic influence and encouragement that even today, continue to help Margo expand her own creative mood.

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