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 Empowerment through Employment
Society for Health Promotion Links  
Established in Bangladesh, SHPL has developed a revolutionary course for Bangladeshi women to gain training and skills needed to be self-sufficient women's health care providers.
◊ Benefits of Community Maternity Practitioner Course(CMP) Programs
    CMP's benefit numerous groups including: 
  •  Communities who use the skilled providers
  •  Self-employed women's health care providers
  •  Private Clinics that receive referred cases
  •  Private hospitals
  •  Government Agencies/ NGO's
     CMP's also offer valuable skills to:
  •     Private/Government Hospitals & Clinics. CMP's are trained to serve in clinics as nurses aids.  They also bring counseling skills on reproductive health and maternity issues.  Urban clinics that provide family planning services, including NGO's as well as government agencies that require midwifery or reproductive health experience. 
◊ Entrepreneurial Benefits to Women
    CMP's can practice in their home villages through rural-level private practices, or provide care jointly with the village doctors.  CMP's may also employ their communities junior CMP's in their practice.  These approaches enable women to earn a living and maintain acceptable living standards.
◊  Technology Transfer
The CMP approach can be transferred to most developing countries that can benefit from these programs and courses.
◊  Funding Needs 
The total cost per CMP student for the nine-month course is $230, which is equivalent to Taka 15,000.  To cover these costs, Society for Health Promotion Links needs:
  • Funds for student scholarships
  • Soft loans to help women start up their community obstetric practices. 
  • Support for establishing more CMP centers.



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